Civil  Engineering:

The Civil Engineering (CE) Section was established since the inception of the Institute from 2014.


To produce engineers having professional and leadership qualities, capable of taking professional assignments in Civil Engineering and allied fields with an interdisciplinary and innovative approach and to compete with the best in the field.

To impart knowledge and excellence in civil engineering and technology with global perspectives to our students and to make them ethically strong engineers to build our nation.

To produce civil engineers of high calibre ,technical skills and ethical values to serve the society and nation.

To make the department a centre of excellence in the field of civil engineering and allied research.

To provide knowledge base and consultancy services to the community in all areas of civil engineering.

To promote innovative and original thinking in the minds of budding engineers to face the challenges of future.

To create ethical, professional and employable individuals in the field of Civil Engineering and also to make them ready for industries and higher learning.


The aim of the department is to produce Civil engineers with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes, who can be entrusted by the society to lead a sustainable world with enhanced quality of life.

To impart the principles, concepts, latest trends in Civil Engineering and develop the students as good Civil Engineering Technicians.

To produce the technicians with multidisciplinary skills, professional attitude, ethics, communication skills, teamwork skills for employment and higher learning.

Creating infrastructure and teaching learning practices for enhancement of Knowledge, Understanding, Application of Skills and behaviour of students towards employment and higher studies.

Indicate how and where the Vision and Mission are published and disseminated.

To impart quality and real time education to contribute to the field of civil engineering

To impart soft skills, leadership qualities and professional ethics among the students.

To motivate the students towards self and lifelong learning and guide them to chose the best careers.

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